New feature rundown!

We’re really pleased to announce a list of new additions to your ConvertBox account and when you can expect to receive them! Encharge Integration We are excited to announce we have added this regularly requested marketing automation platform as a built-in integration inside of ConvertBox. Custom colours for checkboxes and radio elements This was another […]

New element sizes, display rules + more!

It’s a new year and we’ve just rolled out a new platform update with several new features and improvements. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new… New button and form element sizes We’ve added new sizing options for our button and form elements allowing you to now choose from S, M, L, XL sizes. This […]

New form layouts, integrations + more!

We’ve rolled out several new features and improvements to the platform. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new… Horizontal form layouts When using a single column layout and if your form has 3 fields or less, you will now see a new option on the sidebar to select a vertical or horizontal layout for the […]

New integration with SendFox!

Today I’m happy to announce we released a brand new integration with the simple, and very affordable email service provider – SendFox. You will find this new integration in your account under Profile > Settings > Integrations > SendFox. This means you can now connect ConvertBox directly with your SendFox account allowing you to easily […]

New segmentation and quiz features!

Segmentation has always been a big focus for us at ConvertBox and now we’re taking our already powerful functionality to a whole new level. Today I’m excited to announce the release of our newest platform update introducing a range of new conditional logic, segmentation and quiz features. I’ve shot an in-depth video below (almost 20 […]

New user management + more!

I hope you are keeping safe during this ongoing COVID-19 craziness. Thankfully here in NZ life is almost back to normal and as always at ConvertBox HQ we are constantly working hard to improve the platform, add new features and solidify ConvertBox as an industry leader. Today, I’m excited to announce the first of several […]

New embedded functionality is here!

We’ve just rolled out yet another MAJOR platform update… Introducing…NEW inline/embedded functionality! So what does these powerful new features allow you to do? Well you can now embed ConvertBox directly inside your page content. Showing offers/CTAs inside your page content is a VERY effective and non-intrusive way to engage and convert visitors as they are […]

New scheduling features!

We’ve just rolled out another highly requested new feature. ? You can now schedule a ConvertBox to run during a specific time and date. This is perfect for scheduling special offers, announcements and pretty much anything else you can think of. As always setup is super simple. On the Launch tab in the editor under […]

New advanced targeting, multiple triggers + more!

With all the bad news we’ve had recently around the world I’m very happy to bring you a little bit of awesome news. ? After months of hard work, I’m excited to announce the release of our latest big platform update for ConvertBox. This new update introduces our brand new advanced conditional targeting engine along […]

New site management features + more!

The ConvertBox team have been hard at work and we have just rolled out a new platform update filled with useful new account features. ? 1) New settings UI – UXThe account settings area has had some major UI changes for a cleaner more intuitive experience and to make way for new features we have […]