New feature rundown!

We’re really pleased to announce a list of new additions to your ConvertBox account and when you can expect to receive them!

Encharge Integration

We are excited to announce we have added this regularly requested marketing au tomation platform as a built-in integration inside of ConvertBox.

Cus tom colours for checkboxes and radio elements

This was another popular request and we are pleased to announce that you can now cus tomise the colour of these elements to help boost engagement and make your ConvertBoxes even more unique!

ConvertBox Share Links

This is a huge new addition to the platform! Now you can easily share an entire ConvertBox, including all display rules, targeting rules and variations using a simple URL. Share entire abandonment or engagement sequences with one URL that can be copied and pasted in to other ConvertBox accounts.

Are you a ConvertBox affiliate? Create your own ConvertBoxes and provide them as bonuses for anyone who purchases through your affiliate link by simply providing them with the share link.

This also means you can share engagement sequences and ConvertBoxes easily as a community, and swap rules and tactics that are working with others.

Simply click the but ton in the bot tom left of the edi tor to import a link, or to create your own link to share with others!

Pre-fill visible fields via query string

This was another popular request and you can now easily pre-populate visible fields in your ConvertBox forms with visi tor information from the query string. If you need specific information or help with this feature, you can contact our support team at

And more!

  • Increased character limit for the fields in the profile element of larger ConvertBoxes
  • Miscellaneous fixes, improvements and speed increases

ALL of the above updates are available in your ConvertBox accounts right now!

This is just the start, but we hope you enjoy these new updates and we are excited to see how you use them in your marketing and within the community.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon, but for now, thank you for using ConvertBox and for welcoming myself and my team to the community!

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