New segmentation and quiz features!

Segmentation has always been a big focus for us at ConvertBox and now we’re taking our already powerful functionality to a whole new level.

Today I’m excited to announce the release of our newest platform update introducing a range of new conditional logic, segmentation and quiz features.

I’ve shot an in-depth video below (almost 20 minutes!) going through all the new features in this update. I also go into some detailed examples showing you how to use these new features to easily create consent rules, segmentation flows, quiz scoring and much more.

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If you don’t have time to watch the video just yet, here’s a quick overview of what’s new…

Quiz scoring

Apply a quiz score value to your buttons/options and then use this combined score to trigger conditional logic at the end of your segmentation process. Plus we’ve also added a new personalization merge tag so you can dynamically insert the final quiz score in your text elements.

Custom field values for buttons

Set custom field values for your buttons so when the button is selected the custom field will be queued and passed to your CRM/ESP when a form is submitted with integrations on one of the following steps.

Conditional actions

Set conditional actions for your forms based on, previously selected buttons/fields, quiz score values and more. Want to show visitors a specific step, redirect to a URL or fire scripts based on previously selected buttons/fields/quiz-score? Well, now you can!

Conditional integrations

Set conditional integrations that run based on, previously selected buttons/fields, quiz score values and more. Want to tag a lead in your CRM if they select a specific checkbox and select buttons A, B, C, or have a quiz score between 10 and 50? Now you can!

Conditional skip logic

In some cases, you may not need to use a form but still want to run conditional logic at the end of the segmentation process (eg. a discovery survey). This is where our new step skip logic functionality comes into play. You can now set conditional skip logic on any step to jump to another step, fire scripts or redirect to a URL based on previously selected buttons/fields/quiz-score.

New”Analyzing results” message

Showing people they are getting a personalised result based on their previous selections increases the likely hood of them taking action on the next step. That’s why we’ve built an optional “Analyzing results” screen into our skip logic. Simply check a box set your “analyzing” message and we will show the animation for a few seconds before running the conditional logic.

UI improvements

We’ve added a whole lot of new functionality to the platform which means we also re-designed a lot of our form field/actions/integrations user interface and added new tooltips to make sure it’s simple, intuitive and easy to use. Make sure to check out the video, I cover a lot and I think it will really give you guys some serious ideas. Hope you all love the new features/improvements! Thanks for being awesome!

From all the team and ConvertBox, we hope you love these new features!

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