Introducing new features!

Today we’re pleased to announce the availability of new ConvertBox functionality, live in your accounts right now!

Teaser functionality

A great new feature of ConvertBox is to add a ‘teaser’ box in front of your box. You can use this to entice users to interact with your ConvertBox and get their attention. This is available on all ConvertBox types except embedded ones, and you can enable a number of visual customisation options to make this stand out. When you open up the editor, you’ll see the ‘Teaser’ toggle in the sidebar to toggle on and get started!

Custom images for buttons

A really popular request we’ve seen from users is the ability to make a button element your own custom image! This is now available, and you can use all of the powerful button functionality like changing steps, opening another box or taking them to another page entirely. Simply drop in a button element to see the new options.

And more!

  • Several minor fixes, improvements and speed increases

ALL of the new functionality is available in your ConvertBox accounts right now! Enjoy the new functionality and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!,

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