HUGE update: ConvertBox 2.0 is here!

I’m super excited to announce we’ve just rolled out our BIGGEST platform update EVER! ?

But, the truth is this is not just an update..

Our mission with this next evolution of ConvertBox was to give you even more powerful conversion features, flexibility and customisation all without sacrificing the beautiful simplicity ConvertBox is known and loved for.

To achieve this lofty vision we had to go back and rebuild the entire platform from the ground up.

Now after months of hard work, late nights and copious amounts of coffee it is here..


This new version 2.0 of ConvertBox is live in your account right now.

At the centre of this massive update is our br and new ridiculously easy to use drag and drop visual editor giving you even more powerful features and flexibility while still remaining super simple and intuitive.

Other powerful new features include..

  • New drag & drop visual editor (contains 100s new features)
  • Fast and easy mobile editor
  • New high-converting frameworks
  • Flexible split layouts
  • Fire custom scripts on specific steps (eg Facebook Pixels)
  • Quick undo/redo options​
  • Create and manage steps independently
  • Quickly clone elements or entire steps
  • New segmentation options
  • New text link actions
  • Add your own custom HTML elements
  • Account wide image library
  • Vertical element spacing
  • Built in Google Analytics Integration
  • New redesigned dashboard
  • Improved detailed stats
  • And MUCH more..

There’s really too many new individual features to cover in detail in one post so I’ve created a quick video to walk you through just some of the key new features in ConvertBox 2.0.

Check it out below.

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We’ll be creating more videos and training soon covering even more features inside this massive new platform update.

We’ve put an insane amount of time and energy into creating this new version of the platform. We hope you love it and we can’t wait to see some of the awesome results you get using it in your business.

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