The NEW evolution is here!

Our vision has always been to build an industry-leading platform that makes intelligent visitor engagement simple and effective. ConvertBar was our first step towards this vision and now it’s time for our platform to evolve to the next level and beyond.

Every single detail of this newly updated platform has been carefully engineered and designed to ensure it is not only very simple to use but also extremely powerful and flexible. While bars are still going to be part of our platform, they will no longer be the only focus of the platform.

So with this update, we will also be transitioning to a new name and br and for our platform.. ConvertBox!


ConvertBox has been built from the ground up as completely new platform and the sheer amount of new features and functionality the platform has compared to ConvertBar means that we will be releasing it as a completely separate platform.

.. So what does this mean for our pilot members for ConvertBar?

Well, first I want to say I truly value every single one of our pilot members who believed in our vision and joined ConvertBar to grow with us and our platform.

And, in an industry filled with “Launch and move on to the next thing” marketers, I take pride in putting our users before our profits and focusing on simply creating a truly great platform.

When we opened the pilot program for ConvertBar I made a promise that we were here to stay and that we would continue to develop the platform with new features as part of the lifetime deal. And, even though our plans have changed slightly.. I fully intend to keep my word!

That’s why even though it’s a completely new platform, all ConvertBar pilot members will also be given lifetime access to ConvertBox for FREE as part of the original pilot program deal!

We’ve put a crazy amount of time and energy into creating this platform for you guys and I can’t wait to see some of the awesome results you get using it in your business.

ConvertBox is without a doubt already a super powerful platform but this is just our starting point, over the next few months we will be releasing new integrations and features for the platform.

Ok, so on to the good stuff..

How to access your new ConvertBox account

We wanted to make the transition for our existing ConvertBar pilot users as simple as possible. So we created your new account in ConvertBox using the same login details as ConvertBar.

We also migrated any sites you had setup in ConvertBar so you are ready to go!

Have fun and make sure to share your success in our Facebook group!

What happens to my ConvertBar account?

We received a lot of questions about what happens to your ConvertBar account once we transition to the new platform so I wanted to clarify that for you now.

ConvertBox is a completely separate platform to ConvertBar so this transition has no effect on your old CovertBar account.

We will no longer be accepting new users for ConvertBar but your old ConvertBar account will continue to function and you can continue using it if you wish.

However, I highly recommend taking the time to move everything over to ConvertBox is a far more powerful platform and will be our main focus for development moving forward so at some point in the future we will close and phase out ConvertBar.

Thanks again for being part of the Pilot program.

We hope you like the powerful new platform.

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