Multi-step forms, but ton actions + more

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just rolled out another big platform update for ConvertBox packed with new industry-leading features. ?

Check out the video below for a detailed walk-through of all the powerful new features we’ve added in this update.

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Here’s a quick overview of what was released in this update..

We’ve added a whole bunch of new options for our form fields including new field labels, pre-filling from cookie values, cus tom parameters on redirect URL, hiding pre-filled fields, radio options, improved field logic and much more.

We’ve re-engineered our forms making them even more flexible and powerful. You can now easily collect contact information across multiple steps in your ConvertBox. So for example, you could collect the name and email on the first step and then collect and update the contacts record with additional information on the following steps. Or, you could collect the visi tors name or business on the first step and queue those fields to be updated in your ESP when the visi tor submits their email later on a different step or ConvertBox.

We’ve completely redesigned our but ton actions and added a powerful new set of features so you can run ESP/CRM au tomations (adding the visi tor to a tag/list etc) when a visi tor selects a but ton on your ConvertBox. You can choose to run these au tomations immediately or queue them to run later when the visi tor submits their email on another form or during another visit to your site. This big update takes our already powerful segmentation features to a whole new level!

ConvertBox already has the ability to fire cus tom tracking scripts on specific steps in your ConvertBox (a very powerful feature). Now with this new update, we’ve taken this feature even further allowing you to add cus tom tracking scripts to fire immediately when a visi tor submits your form. This perfect if you are not using a “thank you” step and want to fire tracking scripts on your form before redirecting to another url.

We spend a significant amount of time making sure ConvertBox is simple, intuitive and easy to use. It’s something we are constantly working to improve especially as we continue to add more features and this update is no different. We’ve made some big improvements to our UI for forms, but tons, actions and au tomations so you can set up powerful and complex segmentation funnels quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

This really is just a quick overview. For a full and detailed breakdown please make sure to check out the video above.

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