New site management features + more!

The ConvertBox team have been hard at work and we have just rolled out a new platform update filled with useful new account features. ?

1) New settings UI – UX
The account settings area has had some major UI changes for a cleaner more intuitive experience and to make way for new features we have coming in future.

2) Globally excluded urls
You can now easily exclude specific pages of your site from ALL ConvertBoxes in your account. This new feature is located under your account Settings > Sites, when you hover over the site list you will see a new option called “Exclude urls”. Selecting this option will open a modal where you can add urls you want to be excluded from all ConvertBoxes on that site. This is useful for confirmation/thank you pages etc where you never want ConvertBox to show and saves you having to exclude them in the editor each time you create a new ConvertBox.

3) Editable account domains
Along with new the excluded urls option, you will also see a new “Edit” option for each site in your list. Selecting this option allows you to change the site domain name. This is very useful if you ever need to move to a different domain or if you are building a site on a staging domain then moving to public domain later. Previously this would require a time-consuming process of moving all ConvertBoxes to a new site in your account, now it’s as simple as clicking edit and changing the domain.

4) Inherit websites font family
In some cases, the font family you use on ConvertBox will be the same as on your site so we’ve now added a new option in our font family selection for “Inherit from website’. This not only makes it easy to match your br anding but also saves loading additional fonts which may not be required.

BIG things are cooking in the ConvertBox kitchen ? and we will be announcing many more major platform updates soon!

Hope you love this new update!

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