New triggers + Overlay link features

I just wanted to let you know about a small update we rolled out recently and also what’s going on behind the scenes here at ConvertBox HQ.

Since launching ConvertBox we’ve regularly rolled out new updates and features to the platform almost every week. However, last month we switched gears to start focusing on some of our bigger development milestones.

Unlike smaller updates which can generally be rolled out more regularly, these bigger milestones take a significant amount of time to develop/test especially when developing to a very high standard (as we do).

So, moving forward updates may be less frequent but when they do roll out you can expect huge new features and improvements to the platform.

And if all goes well we should be ready to roll out one of these milestones later this month which I am super excited about!

Despite shifting focus to work on our bigger milestones we still managed to roll out a small update which included lots of performance improvements and a couple of cool new features.

Powerful new trigger

You can now set a ConvertBox to trigger if the visitor is inactive on your page for a specific period of time. So for example, you could use this trigger on your checkout page to show a “Need help?” call-to-action if the visitor is inactive (no mouse/keyboard) for more than 20 seconds.

Overlay link improvements

Overlay links will now automatically pull through all the Meta details from your original source link to display when posting on social media or other places.

Hope you like this small new update!

Let us know in the comments below and get ready because we have some very exciting big features coming.

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