New embedded functionality is here!

We’ve just rolled out yet another MAJOR platform update…

NEW inline/embedded functionality!

So what does these powerful new features allow you to do?

Well you can now embed ConvertBox directly inside your page content.

Showing offers/CTAs inside your page content is a VERY effective and non-intrusive way to engage and convert visitors as they are browsing your site.

But as with most ConvertBox features we release the power and functionality goes a lot deeper than that..

Unlike the usual static embed code you’ve probably used in other tools with ConvertBox you can now create dynamic “embed areas”. This means you can show different ConvertBoxes in the same embed area based on your targeting rules.

So for example.. Let’s say you created an embed area for your blog homepage, in this embed area you could show..

  • A lead magnet targeted at new/unknown visitors.
  • A discount/trial offer targeted at new leads who subscribed to your lead magnet.
  • An upgrade for advanced training targeted at existing customers.

Essentially, just like with our overlays (popups) you can you can use our powerful conditional targeting to show different CTAs/offers based on what stage the visitor is at in the customer journey.

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of this powerful new functionality.

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Hope you love this new feature, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team anytime here.

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