New progress bar elements!

A new year is here 🎉🎉 And we’re kicking it off with an awesome new platform update with new conversion boosting features. We’ve just rolled out a new “Progress bar” element for our editor. 🔥 This new element allows you to add an animated visual progress indicator to your steps which encourages the visitor to complete the process.  […]

Multi-step forms, button actions + more

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just rolled out another big platform update for ConvertBox packed with new industry leading features. 🎉 Check out the video below for a detailed walk-through of all the powerful new features we’ve added in this update. Here’s a quick overview of what was released in this update.. NEW ADVANCED […]

New integration with Hubspot

We’ve just rolled out another new powerful integration with CRM Hubspot. This new deep integration allows you to easily add/remove contacts collected with ConvertBox from your Hubspot lists and workflows using our powerful form actions. Plus, this integration also ties directly into our visitor targeting rules so you can easily setup rules to show personalised […]